The best threat search tools available for free

In the world of cybersecurity, the fight against malicious agents is very unfair: it seems they have unlimited resources available and no limits of time, while security teams do have those limitations.

Cybersecurity professionals know that no matter the size of the company we belong to, we all may be exposed to the bombing of an attack. That’s why we devote time trying to mitigate attacks, while we should invest time in predicting next attack and countering it before it impacts our organizations.

The way we are operating is complicated and exhausting and often leads us to make hasty and risky decisions which have caused decreases in productivity and not led us to sufficient results in terms of blockages of attacks.

The good news is that there is now a powerful tool that we can have to search for threats, which is available for free.

Our Threat Response solution automates those tasks and also gives us the context we need to quickly detect, investigate, and act in case of threat.

If your team already has security products compatible with this solution, you will be strengthened and gain a great ally in this unfair fight. And, last but not least, this tool is very user-friendly, with a simple, intuitive and interactive interface: you just have to click to get details about suspicious activities, files and behaviors of any threat. An additional click is just required to visualize the root cause in order to easily and quickly correct it. Amazing, right? But there is still more: the information and results obtained about each threat are collected and added to a portal with a common view and access to the information collected, with compatible products, which will offer comprehensive threat intelligence and continuous device update solutions.

Make better corrective decisions.

This valuable information will allow you having continuous update and thus reacting quickly. Furthermore you can access to extract indicators from any web page or console device, as well as verdicts to be able to adopt corrective actions, whether in collaboration or shared use, and save time to prevent future attacks.

The more integrations of said solutions you have in your company, the more your organization will be strengthened and the results and efficiency will improve. For example, Firepower will help you to use alerts from other devices with integrated solutions such as AMP for Endpoints, Email Security, ThreatGrid, Umbrella and the next-generation firewall, thus expanding knowledge of the network context, with more data and information for best answers. It is all about “buying time”; if you already have any of these solutions you can easily access to view this information, or if you are still looking for the ideal members for your cybersecurity team, you may get more information here.

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