We are a successful organization preparing to ‘play’ on the next level

Trained as Computational Systems Engineer at the Technological Institute of Monterrey and with a Master’s degree in Information Systems Administration, Aurelio Sánchez also holds an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin. His extensive professional record, spanning Monterrey Tech itself, as well as the Banco del Centro, IBM, Avantel and Triara (Telmex) in both Mexico and the United States, has allowed him to participate actively in developing what we now know as cloud and IT services.

The history of Ikusi Networks is that of a path marked by success in a very short time. When a company is immersed in this kind of process, it focuses all its resources and efforts on giving fast and flexible responses to its clients, sometimes devoting little time to reflection and questioning what the market of the future will require.

Since I arrived at Ikusi about two years ago, my work has focused on supporting the Networks business in transforming its service offer towards the new trends.

The evolution of the networks offer requires a transformation of the organizational structure supporting it.

We have given the organization a new form, creating new posts with a more general vision that facilitate response to highly demanding sectors. We have segmented the Operations department into two vertical structures to focus more closely and give better attention to customers: Government Operations and Service Providers and Industry Operations. In addition, two support areas fundamental to our offer were created: Service Management and Monitoring, and the Services Desk.

As regards the New Business Development area, this was composed of a talented internal and external group for the purpose of defining strategies for new services and designing products to face the challenges of the future.

We are in a process of continuous development, generating tools with arguments on the value of our proposal for our sales force to assimilate and convey to customers. We have recruited new staff, albeit with a care for the natural process of evolution from within.

We want to be a company providing added value, not competing on the basis of price, a company that bases its solutions and services on technology and that approaches its clients from the viewpoint of a consultant.

This having been said, I hold the development of a new portfolio incorporating a hybrid cloud as critical. Our customers have been asking for infrastructure of their own with the proper dimensions so as to offer services in the public cloud. Our goal is to be capable of providing support for multiple functions departing from a small infrastructure while at the same time having the capacity to orchestrate services in the existing public clouds (for example Azzure, AWS, etc). That is what we call a hybrid cloud, a mix between a public and a private cloud where physical and virtual infrastructures can coexist.

Another important project consists of unified cloud communications. This is an offer we are now providing our most important clients. The present challenge is to make our proposal competitive, to enable access to other market segments.

Lastly, we are working on a single client portal known as Jaguar. Up to now, every time we take on a new client or project, we have had to enable a specific infrastructure and start a new process. Using Jaguar we will significantly simplify the process of customer integration, and it will help us arrive where we want to go. The customer will continue to see us as a flexible enterprise, but we will be able to rationalize costs when it comes to offering our services.

We are also boosting our image to manufacturers as system integrators. Cisco is and will continue to be our leading technological partner, but we have to provide ourselves with an ecosystem of manufacturers specializing in the different technologies that our customers have been requiring. We are implementing very innovative technologies. Cisco perceives us as its ally and values our dynamism when it comes to incorporating these new proposals.

In sum, I see Ikusi Networks as a successful organization preparing to “play” on the next level and to compete with the great names on the market.

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