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Tomás Villameriel Aguirre

What can digitization bring to the machine tool industry?

Infrastructure security
Jorge Marín

Slow applications, poorly dimensioned data center infrastructure?

Telecommunication Networks & IT
Jaime Colom

Interview Jaime Colom Maintenance Coordinator

Airports - Infrastructure security
Juvenal Balderas Garcia

Contingency Technology Solutions for the prevention and control of COVID-19: work in progress

Infrastructure security
Aritz Rojo

Beyond the specific actions against the coronavirus: when "spending" can become an investment

Infrastructure security

Interview with José Julian Guerra y Fernando Velayos

Infrastructure security
Fernando Asenjo

Security solutions: bringing value to your business beyond COVID-19

Infrastructure security
Diego González de Viñaspre

Diego González de Viñaspre. Maintenance Technician for the Vitoria Tram

Infrastructure security