Intelligent transportation systems

Innovative proposals for the optimization of mobility.

Soluciones Inteligentes de transporte

Towards a new mobility

We deploy information solutions to the public for public transport, passenger rail or airports where passenger traffic can be optimally managed and thus facilitate the operation of the infrastructure.

In addition, Ikusi specializes in projects for charges applied to road infrastructures (road tolls) or public transport (ticketing), which make the operation of the service more efficient.

The integration of public information systems with the operational systems of transport infrastructures and operators provides real-time data to provide information on schedules, services, real-time traffic status and incidents, among other parameters.

We improve the passenger experience by providing interactive audiovisual content in the form of information, entertainment or advertising.


Real-time presentation of visual information related to flights or schedules.


Management of multimedia content and creation of advertising campaigns.


Automatic broadcast of announcements through the public address system

Ikusi deploys projects designed to provide a comprehensive ticketing solution in a multimodal public transport environment, as well as in environments that require charge-per-use systems in barrier-free, free-flow traffic conditions.


Ticketing systems in stations and on board


Barrier-free payment systems for roads


Comprehensive turnkey solutions