Unified on-demand communications, which ensure better use of network resources

Tecnologías colaboración

Collaboration tools for a new model of work

Business collaboration tools with their voice services, video, messages and virtual meetings between teams in different locations allow people to share and interact about all kinds of information and files.

They facilitate communication between company professionals, with external collaborators, with clients and suppliers in multiple projects, sharing information in an agile, simple and secure way.

Unified communications are moving to the cloud, supported by advantages such as reduced rollout times, automatic updates and reduction of IT requirements, in addition to providing business continuity.

These solutions, known as cloud calling, reduce capital costs, avoid having to install phone systems, provide faster service deployment, provide access to emerging technologies and save time for any business.

The growing need for collaboration tools by companies is driving the deployment of these solutions in the cloud. In addition, Cloud Calling solutions have incorporated an important layer of security that makes them more attractive for business environments, which need to ensure that their information is not compromised.

Ikusi provides its customers with a complete cloud calling and collaboration solution that reduces operational costs, improves productivity and increases revenue by helping to migrate mission-critical business communications to the cloud.

These systems and solutions provided by Ikusi are backed by the Ikusi ONCE Operations Center, which supports the business so that customers can have peace of mind and availability of the cloud calling service at any time


Reduction of roll-out times, automatic updates and reduction of IT requirements


Reduced capital costs, avoidance of phone systems, faster deployment of services, giving access to emerging technologies and saving time for any business.


Resource pool. Hardware resources, such as processing capacity, memory allocation, or storage are available to the user.

Ikusi has developed a collaboration solution focused on smart boardrooms, in which telepresence technology and whiteboard devices are integrated, which in turn are compatible with web conferencing solutions and applications to share or project files in real time with no need for cables.

This collaboration solution is considered a full-cycle solution, as it can range from room design and equipment installation to network administration. Its objective is to create a unique workspace that allows face-to-face and remote meetings.


Integration with different platforms and technologies.


Design of boardrooms from scratch or optimization of existing ones to create innovative meeting spaces.


Reduction of time in decision-making.

Contact Center, which manages the connection of telephone, email, chat and social networks in a comprehensive, simple and fluid way. With this new generation of contact centers, it is possible to improve the experiences offered to customers substantially, creating, for example, fluid conversations with customers on digital and voice channels.

The intuitive interfaces of these contact centers speed up and simplify problem resolution for agents, who are provided with collaboration tools that allow them to talk, have video conversations, chat and search for content.

Additionally, Salesforce and other CRM tools can be integrated.

Hassle-free addition of context to customer journeys. Reduce costs, increase sales and automate routine tasks with Genesys AI.


Voice-activated IVR so customers can fix problems faster.


Conversational voicebots that move freely through interactions and channels.


Chatbots with artificial intelligence to offer customers self-service assistance.