Artificial Intelligence tools to improve customer service

Through the years you surely have noticed certain very systematic tasks and actions and have thought “I wish this was done by a computer for me, I would save a lot of working time”. Well, good news; the future has arrived. Nowadays artificial intelligence (AI) can be implemented to do just that and more.

Many Contact Centers already use AI in providing customer service; however, the use of AI may be extended to the automation of processes, information, insights and trends, which, combined with the work team, may maximize results.

The following are some aspects in which AI can make a differenc

1. Increase of customer satisfaction.

Automation and Predictive Routing allow chatbots and voicebots being implemented in order to provide routine responses and immediate customer service. At the same time, the bot transfers the customer with an agent who is fully aware of the context of the situation, and the latter redirects the customer with another agent who is able to solve customer’s concern. In this way, the agent may focus on tasks of higher value and reduce the recontact by more than 30%.

2. Increase of sales through predictive elengagement

Increasing conversions means increasing sales and therefore incomes; however, many of people who contact a contact center do not actually become customers. Predictive engagement uses AI tools and machine learning resources to make it easy for prospects to become customers. How is this possible? It is very simple. By incorporating tools that analyze customer’s journey in a machine learning engine, it is easier to predict and understand customers’ behavior, in order to connect them with the most appropriate agent and accelerate the path to conversion.

3. Increase of conversions

The software allows identifying and contacting customers with high value shopping carts and who are about to leave the website. Actions like that may achieve reduction by up to a 30% in shopping cart abandonment and increase of high value conversions by 3%.

4. Optimization of engagement in the work team

AI tools can improve the way agents are managed and linked, which increases efficiency and reduces turnover. By automating the information, processes, insights and trends, the management of the entire life cycle of an agent is facilitated, from the incorporation to the company to professional development. Now you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and make better forecasts to make better decisions.

5. Distribute incoming and outgoing interactions

In order to simplify routing, reduce maintenance, and decrease customer segmentation, the implementation of predictive routing allows agents having control on calls from start to finish, in order to provide good service with minimal IT intervention. This may achieve an increase of retention rate by up to 2% and resolution by 5% on the first call.

The magic of Artificial Intelligence consists of i) making the transition from bot to agent imperceptibly (in this way the customer feels the naturalness of the conversation); as well as ii) being able to predict and adapt to customer’s behavior through historical data collected over the time and interaction patterns in order to create predictive continuous learning models and automatically improve KPIs.

If all this sounds to you not only attractive, but necessary and convenient, at Ikusi we implement and improve Artificial Intelligence tool solutions which help your company to stay competitive and stay ahead of the competition.

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