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Ikusi is a company that specializes in integration, engineering and technological development for digital transformation.


Our aim is to be a benchmark the development and integration of technological solutions. Our identity is based on foresight, commitment to our customers and market focus. Making the complex simple is what our clients perceive as soon as they deal with us.

  • Flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Pragmatism
  • Support

Providing value to our customers

Mobility in Chile
Deployment of several intelligent transport systems
Santiago de Chile Airport
Solution to improve and optimize airport processes
Supersur highway (Bilbao)
Implant a traffic management solution
AICM-Mexico City International Airport
Allocate, administer and monitor the slots
Qurayyah Power Plant (Saudi Arabia)
Installation of systems for access control, perimeter detection, closed circuit television, land as well as sea intrusion Ieasures, and intercoms
Port of Barcelona
Control heavy vehicles access effectively
Glasgow Metro
The solution’s flexibility and Ikusi know-how on the subject of on-board data networks
Innovative customized remote control that has been incorporated as a priority option into the cranes manufactured by this firm
Project to integrate CCTV and access control systems in multiple installations distributed over different geographic points
Port of Pasajes
Process to upgrade its system for monitoring the access points into the port area for people and HGV transport
Solutions for the MSO (Multiple System Operator) market
Development for its central network into a convergent architecture in which the entire central network is operated and scaled in an integrated manner.
Measuring the power efficiency of its trains through its Services Division in Spain
Zambrano Hellion Hospital (México)
Development and configuration of bedSite terminals equipped for entertainment, hospital services and patient information
Mérida (México)
Set of solutions for the smart management of services and activities for the central area of this city
Vitoria tramway
Communications, ticketing and on-board equipment systems to assist in the operation
Developed and provided a customized remote control solution for the truck-mounted articulated cranes
The Council of Europe already has its Flow
The Council of Europe has acquired the Ikusi Flow smart headend, a constantly evolving solution
Solutions for MSOs and TELCOs offering business services
Developed a project for a cable TV company that incorporates top-level speeds while at the same time reusing the client’s current available cable
Demar (México)
Remote Health platform that would enable remote supervision of the workers at sea
Donostia - San Sebastián
Smart City project integrating power and sustainability systems
ClassA deployment continues at the new Barcelona Port Marina
Installing the TDT as well as satellite TV signal distribution network


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