Ikusi Fly over the WAN

Ikusi Fly over the WAN is a solution that combines SD-WAN connectivity and cloud security in a single managed service. It is specially designed for companies distributed over several sites, which need to be interconnected to each other and to the central headquarters to share resources, voice traffic, video and the growing number of cloud tools that today’s companies need to develop their daily operations.

All this with high standards of communications security, adjusting the cost to your real need, depending on the size of the company and the number of users, and with personalized and flexible attention from Ikusi’s team of professionals.

To the high connectivity and secure enterprise network, Ikusi Fly adds the Ikusi Intelligence platform, which adds a layer of analytics and business intelligence, so that organizations can take executive control of the network resources and services they consume and can make cost-benefit decisions immediately, thanks to real-time visibility and business impact.

How will Ikusi Fly over the WAN help you?

  • Network and equipment monitoring to make the WAN more efficient.
  • Visibility of the level of service provided by the operator
  • Network simplicity and efficiency
  • Fast resolution of outages

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