Hybrid workspaces

Creating spaces for specialized collaboration to help organizations ensure the health of their employees and at the same time professionalize the remote workforce is possible with Ikusi’s hybrid space solution. We know that forms of collaborating have radically changed, which is why we have developed a solution that helps to improve the productivity of new models of working, safeguarding health and information security.

This full-cycle solution includes secure collaboration in physical spaces such as video conferencing rooms and whiteboards, which allow meetings with a limited number of people and constant announcements of social distance protocols. For this same point, it also has workspace reservation applications, for monitoring capacity compliance. In addition, for remote workers, it provides secure collaboration spaces, as well as advanced tools that help concentration and increase productivity.

How will this solution help you?

  • Integration with different platforms and technologies.
  • Design of meeting rooms from scratch or optimization of existing ones.
  • Creation of innovative meeting spaces

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