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Opportunities to grow

Do you know that more than 65% of our management positions are covered by internal promotions?

Develop your talent and vocation with us. At Velatia you have the opportunities and necessary support to grow professionally.


In the last 2 years we have published 145 internal vacancies

You will have multiple possibilities to move where you want, in different environments and countries.


52,532 hours in training in 2020, an average of 14 hours per person

We guarantee you knowledge and experiences so you will always lead the way.

Work on exciting projects as part of multidisciplinary teams

Working in a unified support center of cybersecurity, network monitoring and control, IT operations and cloud management

Implementing a security project at a power plant in Saudi Arabia

Making San Sebastián a smart city

Providing cybersecurity solutions that ensures the implementation of the industry 4.0

Solutions in telecommunications and IT networks for the Tax Administration and the National Centre for Energy Control

Boosting the operational efficiency of more than 140 airports worldwide

Boost for your talent

Integration Programme

Because beginnings are important, this programme will help you integrate and progress during your first years at Velatia.

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Arco Programme

If you have a technical or commercial profile, or any other, you will acquire the necessary skills to grow personally and professionally. Programme projecting the future talents of Velatia.

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Leadership Programme for Transformation

We support Velatia’s executives in their work leading and managing the teams of people who will face the organization’s future challenges.

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Do you want to invent the future?

Visionary Technologist

At Ikusi you will find the inspiration and the necessary support.

Data Analyst

We participate in national and European research projects with public funding and a a very large number of our own innovation projects.

R&D Technologist

We invest 2% of our turnover in R&D.

Development Engineer

We are a preferred technology partner of global benchmark companies such as CISCO, where we have more than 100 certified engineers.