Our difference

What makes us different

Ikusi Intelligence

Business intelligence is an essential tool for building the future. That is why we developed Ikusi intelligence, a portal that provides a global vision of the continuity of network services, security systems, information technologies, network infrastructure automation systems and business intelligence systems.

This will give you the ability to make quick and effective decisions, since you will have integral access to the information of your contracted services from a single portal.

Ikusi intelligence for SD-WAN

It is a specific module of our platform that provides total control of the enterprise network and SD-WAN services, since the user will have access to executive control, analytics, automation and network operation services. The sum of managed services makes our platform unique in the market.

It is worth mentioning that Ikusi Intelligence, in either of its two modalities, is a powerful extension of Ikusi Once, our unified operations center.

Unified Operations Center

Ikusi Once is our unified operations center that is responsible for the monitoring, support and proactive management of network, cybersecurity and IT infrastructures. We provide attention, resolution and analysis of incidents so that the availability or functionality of our clients’ business is not interrupted. All from a single place.

Ikusi Once has more than 100 certified engineers, which ensures the best attention and capacity to manage more than 17 thousand devices and more than 52 thousand tickets on average per year, with a 24×7 attention scheme.

We have the best systems, service management tools and monitoring platforms.

The design of our facilities covers the main security standards that a Monitoring Center specialized in networks, security and IT must have. In addition, we have consoles that allow our collaborators to provide attention and support in an efficient manner, to ensure the operational continuity of our clients’ services.