Threat protect

Reduces risks of malicious code infection within the network

Ikusi’s threat protect solution reduces the risk of malware infection within the network, since it enables detection to protect any fixed or portable computing device that uses Internet networks, from any geographical point. threat protect is a hybrid solution, i.e. it offers a first line of defense from the cloud and another from devices through an agent.

This solution, with a SaaS model, allows the protection to be extended to any network, computer or technology system that has access to the Internet and/or interacts with the critical information of companies. This solution is therefore ideal for protecting the end user while browsing the Internet or checking their email, as the status of both will be visible from Ikusi Intelligence, a single service management portal.

How will Threat protect help you?

  • Sandboxing and access detection to identify and isolate zero-day attacks.
  • Backup of the services administered from the Ikusi C-SOC.
  • Best practices and certified cybersecurity processes.

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