Engagement center

Ikusi’s engagement center service was designed to take contact centers to the next level of service by deploying a customizable request tracking and monitoring platform. This advanced collaboration platform is based on an on-demand model that allows for a controlled and secure scale-up of features, contact channels or agents as needed.

Unlike typical contact centers, our service provides an omnichannel experience that integrates calls, social media, website, messaging and, regardless of the customer’s point of contact, the platform produces their profile to monitor and track their requests.

The engagement center service is an omnichannel center that integrates voice, artificial intelligence, mobility and analytics services, which translates into a constant evolution of customer service, increasing customer loyalty by offering a unique experience.


How will the Engagement Center service help you?

  • Provide customer service focused on satisfaction.
  • Facilitating digital consumption and contact with the consumer
  • Increase customer retention
  • Integration with different platforms
  • Platform deployment agility
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