Towards intelligent manufacturing with Ikusi

Main challenges

  • Secure connection of the IT and Operations areas.
  • Real-time monitoring of production lines.
  • Development of new services through data management and exploitation.
  • Intelligent and reliable network infrastructures.

Ikusi has united its experience in information and communications technologies (ICT) and knowledge in operational technologies to advance the digitization of the industry, working together with each customer to understand the peculiarities of their business and, from there, make it evolve using the full potential of technology and associated services.

Ikusi connects machines and people safely, applying technological solutions for the operation, and exploiting the information generated to describe, predict and transform business processes.

All of this brings with it the need to connect manufacturing lines with information technology systems. In short, it is necessary to connect to the network and this means that the traditional physical security that the industrial sector has dealt with must be complemented by a layer of cybersecurity that identifies and neutralizes new threats to prevent external threats from having an impact on production.

Cybersecurity from this perspective is the new critical ally of industrial business continuity.

Functional areas

We add value through the digitalization of processes with the most advanced technology on the market.


Manufacturing monitoring, which results in the efficiency and effectiveness of the operating process, asset availability, product quality and production capacity.

Business development

“Servitization” processes, based on data analytics, to offer services associated with products to gain a competitive advantage.

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