smart parrot®: a solution for teleworking and employee absenteeism

Coronavirus (Covid-19) already converted into a serious issue for global economy and its effects continue to expand. Five cases of Covid-19 have already been confirmed in Mexico and the probabilities that the virus will keep spreading are very high.

Public and private health institutions are preparing for the imminent arrival and the containment of the epidemy.

Thinking back to 2009 H1N1 virus pandemic emergency which had a strong impact on Mexico and its economy, the most affected industries were tourism, food and services. In that case, the government, in order to avoid further spread of the virus, invited people not to leave their homes and not to attend any workplace.

Almost any business sector suffered a strong incidence and affectation in the daily dynamics of work.

Nowadays, organizations must be prepared with telecommuting and mobility strategies, through UCaaS (Unified Communications As a Service) collaboration tools, in order to reduce said risks and avoid losses or any other economic negative effect connected to a Covid-19 epidemy.

Contact with people who have been exposed, directly or indirectly, to the virus is the main way of transmission of most respiratory diseases. Workspaces are places of constant disease transmission. According to World Health Organization (WHO), respiratory diseases cause between 10 – 12% of work absenteeism.

Telecommuting, mobility and remote collaboration strategies allow working like in traditional workspaces. The right tools, like video, sharing documents and collaboration tools allow real time interaction between people.

The following are some recommendations:

1.- Establish key indicators for employees. Work under individual and group goals that are measurable and visible to all team members.

2. Technology in your favor, working in the cloud. The use of technology and working in cloud environments are highly recommended not only to have constant open communication channels, but also to optimize efforts with productivity tools hosted in the cloud. Such tools integrate through voice, data, video and real-time interaction.

3.- Collaboration. One of the biggest challenges of remote work is the connection between coworkers through their presence status, calls, video-calls, persistent virtual rooms, repositories to store secure information, which will make a fully communicated and coordinated team.

So, how many companies have already adopted said strategy under the current threat, which is similar as 2009 H1N1 one? If you haven’t adopted said strategy yet as a current work method, then you should look at a collaborative cloud model like UCaaS, which a) allows to provide unified communication tools quickly and efficiently by using a pay-per-use model and b) avoids negative impacts arising from business discontinuity.

smart parrot offers communication and collaboration in a cloud model and helps to solve said contingencies, in addition to benefit organizations through reducing the infrastructure costs of the traditional models. It also allows agility of service performance, increases employees’ mobility and productivity by providing them tools which help to work in a more agile way and under goals.

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