The Challenge of Simplicity: Making the Complex Simple

The different meanings we attribute to the adjective “simple” are always curious. If we use it to describe a person, it carries negative connotations. However, if we use it with some element, say, for daily use, it acquires a positive nuance. Indeed, simplicity and being simple are the most valuable features in some of the most successful ideas of these last few years.

Is there anything easier to use than Google, an iPhone, or WhatsApp? The answer is obvious. However, their simplicity and ease of use hide tremendous complexity and, of course, numberless hours of work and creativity by first-class teams.

The balance between the simple and the complex represents an authentic challenge. We have to be capable of offering customers tools and solutions that are apparently simple, but which enable them to manage complex environments.

Ikusi has made an important effort over the last few years in this sense, developing a new offer in the multiple environments and sectors it operates in. A diversity where one and the same intention is nonetheless always perceived: to provide technological solutions that satisfy the needs of the operators in these sectors. Each and every one of the Ikusi business lines operates on this premise. In reality, it is what gives sense to Ikusi’s diverse activities.

Today, the added value of our company involves developing solutions regarding data acquisition and analysis enabling the increased competitiveness of our customers. The differentiating element for now is so-called “Big Data”, but in a few years, this will become a standard, as has already happened with other such assets that have gradually lost their strategic character. We have to pay attention to these changes constantly arising in our environment. We are obliged to have reactive capability and not to fear change – but following our own rules: working with complexity “at home” so that customers can benefit from the “simplicity” of our solutions.

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