A modern infrastructure for the evolving threat landscape

It is undeniable that cyberattacks have become more innovative and occur more frequently; cyber attackers increasingly discover new ways to infiltrate organizations and carry out new attacks. That’s why it is vitally important to learn how to predict vulnerabilities and be prepared for any unforeseen event.

Last March, insurance company Beazley stated that cyberattacks increased by 25% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period of 2019. In addition, as a consequence of COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of companies have had to move to remote work, and will continue to do so for some time. This scenario has given and gives hackers the opportunity to carry out cyberattacks against companies, to steal their information.

Organizations must have security methods against cyber attacks and must know how to plan data recovery, in case of attack. That’s why many companies are choosing to implement cloud storage solutions, whereby the data of a computer system are remotely safeguarded, managed and backed up in the cloud.

However, as supporting feature of any cloud solution, it is essential to know how to properly implement an IT infrastructure in a company. Such infrastructure allows managing equipment and software. The IT infrastructure is nowadays the main part of technological services, which allows storing information securely and processing it on a large scale.

Said solutions, in addition to keeping your information protected properly, allows the acceleration of the innovation and increases the participation of both the work team and clients. The implementation thereof is essential for the digital transformation of a company; it requires no physical locations since everything can be centralized in the cloud, which moreover facilitates the administration and maintenance.

At Ikusi, we are aware of this growing danger; for this reason we have developed cloud solutions for the backup and replication of information in order to avoid any risk of loss of company’s information. Our backup solution (BaaS) is based on an on-demand service model, which becomes convenient for the optimization of costs and workloads, since backup copies are generated in an automated and secure way, directly to the cloud.

Some of the features of this solution are the following:

• End-to-end encryption – Encrypt all data before they leave your network perimeter, in flight and at rest, without negatively impacting WAN acceleration and built-in compression data reduction ratios.

• Support and Accompaniment from Ikusi experts: You will be accompanied and supported during the design, implementation, start-up of the Backup as a Service, in addition to having IT services managed.

• Local and Cloud Backup: Make a backup Virtual Machines, SQL workloads, and local VMware machines without additional infrastructure.

• Cloud backup data security: Encrypt and store data for extended periods, even after legitimate deletion, through multi-factor authentication.

• Cloud backup management: Manage resources and activity from the central backup management portal.

Having this type of solutions allows you storing your information physically, virtually or in the cloud, in order to retrieve data immediately, when required, and make copies of the information for backups. For more information, please visit our webpage: https://www.ikusiredes.com/soluciones/copia-de-seguridad-como-servicio/

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