Adoption of the Virtual Desktop!

Due to Pandemic, remote work is now a reality and not just a possibility. Remote work is driving the adoption of technologies that modernize the traditional 100% physical work scheme and allow, at the same time, to be prepared to face any threaten to the continuity of business. 

We had to impose restrictions to our mobility and cancel meetings, conferences and any event that implied social interaction. Working from home was the first action aimed at ensuring work continuity that took huge relevance in the operation of companies. However, the visibility by IT areas over non-corporate teams was very reduced or, in some cases, absent. 

Said restrictions have led us to look for solutions aimed at allowing the collaboration and the increase in productivity such as “Virtual Desktops” and, in particular, cloud-based service models. 

These solutions guarantee that employees continue to work safely and according to a flexible scheme. However, a question arises regarding whether or not the information being backed up can be consulted and used in case of disaster. 

That’s why virtual desktop solutions, among other services, must be cloud-based and must have a backup system that guarantees the success of your business continuity strategy. 

Directors and leaders are focusing on strengthening the policies, technologies and capacity available for remote work. However, not all IT professionals had enough time to expand local capacity to remote work on a large scale, and not all companies have the IT infrastructure required to support such a strategy. 

Regardless of where you are in the design or implementation of this strategy for remote operation, we invite you to reach out to Ikusi

Our virtual desktop solution called Virtual Workspace, can be adopted to support remote work and protect operation from interruptions. Said solution opens up the possibility for people to work from anywhere through any device and to achieve a collaborative and safe experience for the activities of each collaborator in his/her work day. 

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