An experience of integral collaboration

Nowadays the way of working has changed; some working days are no longer of eight hours and so regardless of the type of work: office, commerce, health or any other sector. People work in pairs or in teams with flexibility and thanks to the exchange of creative energy achieve their goals.

A modern workplace is where continuous innovation is valued above all and flexibility extends far beyond the office. Today people expect and demand flexible work experience and the possibility to work from anywhere. This has made the digital connection the new concept.

Flexible work options are based on technologies such as video conference, real-time messaging and file sharing. It is essential to stay connected without interruptions with teammates, partners, suppliers and customers from the office or anywhere else, and be able to participate through any type of device.

The culture of innovation

Cultures of innovation only occur if we make them real; many companies do not expect team members to contribute ideas or ask for it. Innovation must be as important as the ability to share ideas and work as a team. Current technology is designed to keep us connected 24 hours a day, but it can also isolate people and information.

However, in an environment where everyone may use his/her own device (BYO), incompatibility may arise between such devices and applications thus causing interferences in the communication, and intensifying problems at the time devices integrate.

That is why people who carry out their work from anywhere, need a solution that focuses on what it really means bringing teams together in this new way of working; a technology which is integrated regardless of the tools used and allows connection, actions and interactions.

Integrate the best collaboration

Now it is possible to work better as a team, from any device and from anywhere, through video meetings as clear as if they were held in person. Cisco Webex Teams allows teams to meet and communicate on continue basis on a single easy-to-use platform, no matter what device or applications they prefer to use or where they are.

The concept of meeting goes beyond how we connect and when, collaboration occurs constantly, the meeting is part of an organic and continuous connection between people. Cisco Webex Teams allows moving the work from physical rooms to virtual spaces, from the car to the conference room. Everybody enjoys the same continuous and trouble-free experience through phones, browsers, mobile devices or devices for room meetings and desks.

The experience of collaboration from a single management console to devices that activate and connect in minutes, which updates automatically, can free the IT department and allow them to focus on other priorities. In addition, Webex Teams facilitates decision making and helps to keep private data safe. The role of technology in the market is to provide support and inspiration to great ideas and cultures of innovation and Webex Teams, the integral collaboration tool of Cisco, a Ikusi technology partner, which offers the same level of performance and security needed by the work teams to focus, participate, be inspired and innovate, improves the experience of collaboration today and in the future.

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