Cloud solutions for resource optimization

Although Cloud solutions have been a well-known topic for several years, there are still companies that ignore the benefits that the implementation thereof may bring for the optimization of resources. In addition to meeting storage needs, which are nowadays of vital importance for small, medium and transnational organizations.

Cloud solutions for companies

Some companies, in order to keep their information, applications and critical data organized and apparently safer, decide to start the digitalization process towards public and private environments. However without any advice or specific plan tailored to their needs and this results in high implementation costs and inefficient services.

That’s why it is essential to have a team of specialists who deliver the best cost-benefit solution through an analysis, design and correct implementation, according to client’s needs.

How is the resources optimization reflected?

The following is one of the most interesting benefits: the maintenance cost of a traditional data center are limited since many personnel involved in the tasks are required and the budget may be focused on other services, needs or new projects. The implementation of Cloud solutions may cause a decrease in said costs, as well.

Another important benefit is the scalability of resources. Through various systems of provisioning and payment on demand, you may in fact activate or deactivate elements as required by the business. With no need of heavy investments for the future and the possibility to recover such costs in the long term.

Which types of cloud can a company implement?

On the other hand, speaking about the advantages of each Cloud type, while in the Public Cloud the space acquired is shared by several consumers without losing privacy, the Private Cloud brings higher levels of security. Hybrid Cloud, on the other hand, may bring all the benefits of the above mentioned Clouds.

Although Public Cloud is the most commonly implemented due to its low costs, not always it constitutes the best option for the company. A basic example: for a globally recognized company it is not recommended running applications and storing critical and confidential data in such an environment. For such a purpose the Private Cloud is recommended, since it guarantees safe and dedicated use, thanks to the exclusive availability of an entire equipment for the administration.

Ikusi: Cloud Solutions for enterprises

There are some myths regarding the use of Cloud solutions that should be dispelled, in order to let more companies feel secure and confident that their operations will get benefits, which may cover their needs. The above should occur with an ally like Ikusi, which has the experience and the knowledge which constitutes a guide to achieve the technological challenges that the present and future may demand.

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