Collaboration and hybrid work model

Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies to drastically change their work model and shift to a work model based on full online collaboration. However, some of them have already experienced the benefits of remote work, which turned out to be a very productive work model, more than what many would have expected. 

Among the benefits of remote work there is the decrease in employees’ stress caused by transportation or commuting. Such circumstance has led companies to implement hybrid work model, where office hours and remote work schedule merge. 

Said model requires the following to work properly: 

  1. Identify the tools required. It is important to plan tasks and purpose of each tool. 
  1. Have a correct vision of the productivity of collaborators and projects. 
  1. Check the proper use of tools. It is vital to know how to choose the right tool for safety purposes of information and take all the necessary precautions aimed at optimizing operation. 
  1. Evaluate company’s strategy through collaboration tools; the requirement thereof is adapting technology, architecture and network designs to the simplicity of connection for collaborators, in order to allow them to stay connected and do their work properly. 
  1. Have a professional growth scheme with opportunities in the hybrid working model. 

In order to choose the correct collaboration tool, it is essential to value the mobility and adaptability of the solution, which means that the tool should be able to support the devices collaborators may have access to from office or their mobile devices. Likewise, immediacy is crucial, in terms of quick access to the internet and effective connection and communication between team members. Finally, the security is vital; the tool should be able to protect the information of both the company and collaborators and face any type of cyber threat. 

Security is the key consideration when choosing a team collaboration solution.  

We must take into account that upon implementation of the hybrid work model, security will be essential to allow employees to connect through any device, and any place they may work from. They will need access to applications and resources, either within company’s premises or remotely. For this reason, the solution implemented by the company must be able to provide security from any device, verify user identities through passwords, defend users from malicious websites and provide access to corporate resources from any device. 

There are no doubts that the right tools and technology to support hybrid work model are vital to company’s strategy. However, there are still questions like, which are the tools required to allow employees to collaborate productively and in a safe way? How to choose the tool that best satisfy my company’s needs?  

At Ikusi, we can advise you to give an answer to said questions, and help you to choose the perfect solution for your business: collaboration solutions 

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