Digital workplaces

Digital Workplace (or “Espacio de Trabajo Digital”, in Spanish) refers to the integration of company’s processes with digital tools such as virtual desktops, mobile apps, IoT, among others, which can strongly change the way IT teams provide their services to end-users or enable the organization to deliver the data and applications needed by the employees to do their work, through any device. 

In a few words, a Digital Workplace is a space that provides the applications and information that users need for the purpose of carrying out their activities from anywhere, through any device. 

Reasons to implement a Digital Workplace

  • Improve employees’ work experience 
  • Enable applications at anytime, from anywhere 
  • Modernize device management 
  • Strengthen information security 
  • Achieve optimal results through automation 

Digital workplaces allow team members to connect from anywhere through their own device (BYOD “Bring Your Own Device”) and collaborate, communicate and access to applications, documents and resources with no limitations like the ones connected with departments, locations or time zones. 

The acceleration of digitalization of workspaces can boost productivity. We strongly recommend you to upgrade the tools your teams have access to in order to take advantage of the new opportunities arising from working together. Digital workplaces can be adapted to the needs of each department, each team and each employee through a centralized, simple and intuitive tool that allows everyone to work remotely as if they were in office. 

Said virtual collaboration spaces provide a safe environment with all the necessary softwares for a comfortable work experience and required to secure the continuity of business and activities not only from the physical spaces of an office, but also virtually and if needed, a 100% remote collaboration. One of the advantages of this program is the cloud encrypted storage which transmits the information to the devices, prevents any local storage of information and improves the security of the users and the files they work on. 

For the companies the Digital Workplace represents the key to continue growing and developing in innovative and competitive environments, that is why IKUSI has developed solutions which are based on current cloud-based management technologies to provide Self-Service systems, as well as end-user experiences that adapt to multiple platforms, locations and devices, regardless of the brand. 

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