Herramientas de colaboración: los sistemas híbridos están en alza

We turn on the TV set as users and never ask how we get the signal: over land, via satellite, whether it is analog, digital, or on demand… All we expect is that it enables us to see our favorite program when we want, in the best possible quality.

Something similar happens to us as users of the various collaboration tools available, increasingly becoming more common in companies that require their professionals to be connected from any part of the world.

But, as with other communication media, responding to user expectations requires significant preliminary work in technology development and deployment.

The increased use of videoconferencing as a collaboration tool is a confirmed fact. We are digital, but we like communicating face-to-face. As users, we want that communication to occur fast, without interruptions or lags, and with the maximum quality.

Up to not so long ago, all videoconferencing solutions were supported by their own infrastructures. The servers proper to them guaranteed quality in the broadest sense of the term, but required very good network connections and quality terminals. Among their inconveniences, when demand was excessively high, there were connection and quality problems, which particularly affected widespread organizations, since the users furthest from the servers had the biggest connection problems.

The solution to these availability needs has arrived in the form of cloud services. In this case, however, the inconvenience arises from broadband consumption in the path of the data to the cloud and vice-versa.

As I said, however, what users want is to share, to communicate without regard to the system supporting it. Thus, hybrid solutions have begun to appear on the market, equipped with intelligence and capable of deciding when a situation requires communication over a resident infrastructure or when the cloud option is better, without user intervention. Proposals combining videoconferencing and web conferencing are even beginning to arrive on the market.

An entire world of possibilities for workers in a digital world.

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