How do sectors of the Economy work in the digital age?

Industry is constantly changing and the change is mostly due to customers’ increasing demand of access to applications and information, at any time, in any place, through any device, as well as to new players who are latent in the innovation technology and form part of the challenges that sectors of the economy are facing.

It is important to remark that such changes are equivalent to a new Industrial Revolution, with a big difference: this transformation is occurring infinitely larger and faster. These changes are so accelerated that we no longer see the way to go as a straight line, but it has glimpsed as a great mass of water going in all directions, at great speed and without any control. The sectors of the economy look like if they were in a small boat with the latent fear to disappear. In this analogy of the Digital Swirl, we see that the impact of the change will depend on the type of industry, the situation and the reaction.

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