Hyperscale data centers: a growing market

The hyperscale data center is by far in the lead of cloud infrastructure market, which is currently dominated by the United States which owns the 44% of the main enclaves of data centers in the cloud and Internet. However, other countries are occupying a more prominent place in terms of development of data centers. According to the multinational Cisco, in the next three years, 95% of data center traffic will be in the cloud; 94% of workloads and computing instances will be processed by CPD in the cloud, and 6% will be managed by traditional services.

Data center virtualization and cloud computing have become milestone elements for the transformation of the way services and applications are delivered through the Internet to both businesses and consumers. Streaming video, social media and web searches are among the most used cloud applications. In the corporate fields, ERP, collaboration and analytical applications, together with other digital business solutions are the main areas of growth.

The proliferation of data centers continues without stopping, so that it is almost impossible to establish when it could be said that the market is mature and even more when technologies such as Big Data and the Internet of Things are driving the growth of data centers.

On a global scale, it is expected that by 2021 the information stored in the data centers reaches 1,3 Zetabytes and increases by 36% annually. Such amount does not take into consideration the data stored in the devices that will be collected in the data centers and the ones IdC is going to generate, so that, it can be said that total amount of data generated will reach 847 ZB annually. In this way, volume of the data generated will exceed the volume of stored data. That’s why IdC applications such as smart vehicles, Smart cities, connected health and digital supply networks will require scalable computing and storage solutions to meet the new demands of data centers.

The digital transformation of companies, mobility and the Internet of Things generate the need and the demand for more exchange of data and information. Today the fog-computing makes the information growing even more than expected and, on the other side, the mega data centers where the storage farms that feed the public and private clouds reside, constantly promote the creation and growth of the Edge Data Center. Therefore, in order to guarantee the availability and integrity of the data, it is highly advisable to create the mega data centers in two and up to three different locations. Ikusi has cloud services able to optimize maximum storage and connectivity and to provide solutions to the different business needs of companies.

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