Ikusi supports its clients during this COVID-19 emergency

As a result of the global situation determined by the spread of COVID-19 (the Coronavirus Disease), the trend of remote work has considerably accelerated. In Italy people are already prohibited from circulating in the streets, unless necessary. Several large organizations have imposed travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus and preserve employees’ health and in general the rest of population.

In such a scenario, Ikusi, together with its technological partner Cisco, has implemented several actions aimed at helping companies to not discontinue their operations and employees to work and be productive while they are safe at home.

Our priority is support people who work from anywhere (including home), at any time and through any device.

How do we make it possible? By extending your current services already purchased. If you do not already have this type of tools, then you may request a free trial for up to 90 days; the following are the options available.

Option 1

Smart Parrot Essential – Ikusi cloud telephony and collaboration service, providing 10 telephony and 5 DID collaboration licenses (Direct line in CDMX and Monterrey), subject to license availability for 60 days.

Option 2

If you are not a client of Webex meetings, then you should try the 90-day free collaboration service and get the possibility to hold meetings of up to 100 participants through HD video, screen sharing and personal room.

Option 3

If you already have Webex meetings solution and need to extend it to a much larger number of remote workers, then you may extend the use of this solution at no additional cost. *

* With immediate effect, for clients with active Webex subscriptions, we are facilitating the temporary extension of the subscription. For Enterprise Agreement and Active User subscriptions, Cisco offers additional 90 days for the calculation of true forward. During the same period, the subscriptions of Named Users may be extended by up to 20%.

We are making our best efforts to give our support in such a difficult moment and will continue to provide timely updates and practical advice on remote work and much more. Meanwhile, our thoughts are with everyone affected in this situation. If you are interested in obtaining these tools or extending your current collaboration services for free, please leave us your information at smartparrot.mx@ikusi.com .

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