Is DNS server not responding?

DNS not responding error may happen for several reasons. For example: when a website server stop working, because of a hardware or software failure in the server or due to a bad configuration gateway.

What is a DNS and what does it do?

When a personal computer is connected to a network, whether home based or from a company or the Internet, it has an IP address assigned to it. If you are in a network with a few devices in it, it is easy to memorize the IP addresses of the others and access to them. However, what happens if there are millions devices and each one has its own IP? It would be impossible to remember them, that’s why domains and DNS exist for the purpose of translating them.

The main purpose of the DNS is to facilitate the navigation and the access to devices such as computers, printers, video surveillance cameras, multimedia players, among others. This can be achieved by using words or identifiers, instead of using IP addresses, which would be more complicated to remember, if we add, for example, that Google page can be distributed in different parts of the world using different IPs.

Temporal DNS error

DNS temporal error occur when a server cannot resolve or “translate” IP´s assigned name. The server cannot “know” where the website information is hosted, so nothing gets shown in our screen.

How to prevent DNS errors?

  • Redirect traffic to a mirror DNS.
  • Conduct a server analysis to evaluate the cause.
  • Ask for assistance to a cybersecurity professional.

DNS server not responding error

In general, DNS servers are automatically assigned to personal computers, Smartphones or Tablets when they connect to a network, so transparently that most of the time they go unnoticed until a failure shows up. In the following graphic we will explain the most common faults and how they could be solved:

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