To carry out digitization projects, Ikusi proposes the use of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platforms, which facilitate the design of architecture and the development of a wide range of applications aimed at meeting the needs of the industrial sector, such as reducing the cost of managing and maintaining industrial assets, improving processes and workflows, improving production and product design through Digital Twins and expanding its portfolio by creating new services associated with the product.

The choice of a platform specifically selected for the client and their needs, allows us to reduce project times significantly, which ultimately means that the client has the application in production in less time.

How will a digitization solution help you?

  • Data capture from IIoT devices
  • Modules that facilitate integration with other business applications such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), warehouse managers, etc.
  • Modules that allow the application of machine learning techniques to detect anomalies, predict problems, improve product design and/or the manufacturing process.

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