Flow analysis and automation

Ikusi’s response to the increase and growing sophistication of cyber threats are the implementation of platforms that offer complete visibility of the security tools available to the client. All the company’s security products can be integrated into these platforms, regardless of who the manufacturer is, thus simplifying their approach and maximizing their potential, providing more value to investments the client has already made.

Another of the strengths of these cybersecurity platforms is in their automation proposal. The goal is to increase security levels, eliminating manual workflows, repetitive tasks and potential human errors.

This new focus of security platforms makes it possible to advance from partial knowledge to complete and actionable information; from inefficient workflows to the force of automation; from security products that operate in silos to a global vision; and from complexity to simplicity.


  • Integrated threat visibility
  • Automated task-based reaction drives the maturity of security strategies, making it possible to detect and stop security attacks with just a few clicks
  • The concept of orchestration adds a new layer of intelligence to actions that can be articulated in a simple way, minimizing code development through flows and logic blocks, based on specific conditions and events in our infrastructure

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