Remote work as a business opportunity

On July 27, Google announced that it was extending the possibility of working from home until July 2021. The measure until that day pointed to the return of workers to the office at the end of 2020.

One of the “big ones” told us that the consequences of the pandemic in the workplace could be prolonged. And it is already known, when the reference companies make decisions, there is a cascade of actions in the same direction in organizations of all types and conditions.

We are no longer talking about a passing experiment at the global level, but about a working formula that has been incorporated into the corporate strategies of companies and that places us before the possibility of reinventing the way of working and doing business. We are facing a model that goes far beyond a mere change of location and that challenges us to create flexible digital work environments.

The advantages of remote work for people are multiple. They improve the chances of conciliation. In large cities, travel times and expenses are substantially reduced, which results in a better quality of personal life and the promotion of environmental sustainability.

From the point of view of the organizations, the studies speak of increases in productivity or the decrease in expenses derived from the rental or purchase of offices. And from an organizational point of view, remote work appeals to a more physically delocalized model, but with access to a network of global and interconnected professionals.

In this basic approach to remote work as a business opportunity its most positive characteristics emerge. But telecommuting is not without its challenges. Among the main ones, having good connectivity, adequate collaboration tools and, of course, a network and secure communications at a time when a large part of the organization works from home and is no longer protected by the network of the company.

In these areas, companies specialized in telecommunications and IT networks have a lot to contribute to our clients’ businesses.

At Ikusi we are living this process very closely, helping our clients to ensure the integrity of their information, to prevent events that threaten it, and thus allow them to take full advantage of the opportunities that automation, connectivity and also services in Cloud.

For this reason, at Ikusi we are accompanying our clients to get ahead of the connectivity, collaboration and security challenges posed by remote work. We already did it before the pandemic was declared. Now we have redoubled our efforts to help them navigate this path of the new normal in which teleworking has come to stay and to become a tool at the service of company efficiency.

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