The best of companies to cybersecurity in Mexico

Nowadays, hackers are becoming more and better prepared in both knowledge and technology, and they come to use techniques that combine Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with the objective of developing phishing, cryptojacking, and even sophisticated ransomware attacks. So it is a fact that there is no company that is immune to a cyber attack, because the world of cybersecurity has become much more complex to the degree that the concern does not lie in knowing if there is the possibility of a cyber attack, but when it could happen to them. 

Although, the great step taken by companies in acting and implementing remote work that allowed them to continue with their operation in the face of the health situation is recognized, but this event also opened a new gap in which employees became the main objective of the attackers to reach corporate networks, this because the daily operations of most companies are highly dependent on technology, and this digital dependence requires protection. 

With the increase in malicious activity, organizations around the world have strengthened their defenses and invested in additional resources within their cybersecurity strategies. However, it is important that companies continue preparing to face cyber risks, especially at a time like this, where dependence on technology is even greater due to the new normal, a proof of this is Mexico, which has been positioned as the number 28 of 193 countries in terms of cybersecurity preparation, in the Global Cybersecurity Index of the International Telecommunications Union, a report in which it was also detailed that the Mexican average is placed among the first three countries in the region of the Americas, preceded only by the United States and Canada. 

Mexico’s best ratings in the ITU index are in legal and technical matters, since our country has the current digital asset protection law that integrates continuous plans to develop and implement greater regulations, and the Federal Protection Law of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, which has the purpose of regulating the personal data in possession of individuals with legitimate, controlled and informed treatment, in order to guarantee privacy and the right to informative self-determination of people. 

It would be worth noting that Mexican companies can improve the distribution of resources allocated to cybersecurity since, according to the PwC Report, 60% of business leaders will increase their investments in cybersecurity by 2021: 28% of these, will do between 6 and 10% and 10% of the respondents will do it beyond 10%. The remaining 22% will do so by 5% or less, revealing that participating Mexican companies are planning to exponentially increase their investment in security infrastructure in addition to improving the budget for malware detection and prevention measures. 

The report of the Organization of American States (OAS), announced that in Mexico, all financial institutions have identified a suspicious event of cyberattack, of which 43% have turned out to be. In data from the report, it is estimated that there are 341 thousand cybersecurity professionals, according to the (ISC), of which 53% of executives seek that their new hires have digital security intelligence skills (49%), as well as data management and analysis (45%). Against this background, the need for cybersecurity professionals is definitely relevant and generates a high demand globally. 

Recently, the statements of Ricardo García Berdeja, undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Security and Citizen Protection, were shared with the press, who announced that they are working on an approved protocol for cyber incidents, the objective of which is to generate a single instrument to make complaints that involve new threats and cyber crimes, in order to facilitate the action of the police, the Public Ministry and the Judiciary since for the SSPC, cybersecurity is not only about protecting the privacy or personal data of citizens, but about shield economic activity and the very viability of society towards a more complex world. 

Cybersecurity is an issue that must be addressed every day and not only in a temporary way, this because organizations are in constant risk of being victims of attacks of this type, in fact in Mexico, according to the Digital Trust Insights 2021 report, more than half of Mexican companies assure that their industry could suffer a cybersecurity incident in the next 12 months, more specifically, of ransomware or affecting their cloud services, which is why it is more than important to raise awareness among the top management of organizations on the importance of implementing protection tools, as the new normal has provided many opportunities, but also an increase in cybersecurity risks with various attack vectors. 

The flanks against cybersecurity in our country are kept on guard and updating, an example of this would be the cybersecurity law at the door which would be accompanied by modifications to the criminal code and the federal telecommunications law, this indicated in recent statements by Jacobo Bello Joya, who is responsible for Cybercrimes of the Scientific Director of the National Guard. 

Undoubtedly, given the growing number of cyber attacks, more solutions in terms of cybersecurity and monitoring must be developed, allowing protection to be extended to any network, computer system or technology that has access to the Internet or interacts with critical information from organizations, such as the solution. wasp from Ikusi, which is ideal to protect the end user while browsing the Internet or checking his e-mail, reducing the risk of infection of malicious code within the network. 

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