The efficiency of companies due to the Cisco Enterprise Agreement model

Even though it could be considered that companies have less time to entertain themselves managing the different licenses and demand solutions that simplify the process; It is a fact that the Digital Transformation process of companies is triggering the use of business software, losing the fear of the myth that it is difficult to manage all software licenses. 

Day by day, more organizations seek to acquire Software tools due to the advantages it represents added to the need to be working hand in hand with innovation with value solutions, so to respond to this need, Cisco has launched Enterprise Agreement (EA), a solution that simplifies software license management for all Cisco security, infrastructure, and collaboration solutions. 

The availability of the Cisco Enterprise License Agreement, a new licensing agreement for software products and services, both on-premise and in the cloud or in hybrid environments, was recently announced to the public. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement model is a business model that seeks to help you face the future challenges of your customers, with world-class solutions and services that are tailored to their specific needs. A model that supports you so you can have access to better and bigger businesses, increasing your competitiveness in a robust, reliable and accessible way. 

The Cisco Enterprise Agreement model simplifies operations allowing you to save and optimize your business, acquiring all the products together during a certain period, in addition to having a payment method that adjusts to the needs of companies, granting easy access to the cutting edge technology. 

Among the recent news is access to the most recent software versions in a simple and efficient way, allowing you to better understand your consumption habits and manage your licenses, which represents benefits for the operation. 

Cisco EA frees up 85% of the time spent by customers purchasing and managing software licenses, so companies that implement Cisco EA will spend only 15% of the hours they previously spent on purchasing and license management, making it possible to focus on the future of the business, improve it and thus increase the income statement. 

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Basically the key to this model lies in locating the customer in its center and accompanying it in its needs. This support is a strategy that encourages the adoption, expansion and renewal of subscribers and contracts, favoring the generation of value and results, thus becoming the vehicle to generate an authentic avalanche of reactions with its customers. Learn about the differences between perpetual licenses and subscription licenses: 

Perpetual licenses 

  • The user owns the license 
  • Licenses are for permanent use 

  • Occasionally separate updates and technical support are required 
  • You need to invest more at the beginning of the period (which is generally a single payment). 

Subscription licenses 

  • It becomes a more efficient work environment 
  • They accompany the administration and growth of the company 

  • The payment options are versatile and are adapted to your operation. 
  • They give you access to the latest updates 

The suites that are available for this program are: 

• Collaboration: Cisco Enterprise Agreement Cisco Spark Flex Plan, Cisco Unified Communications Suite, Cisco Meeting Server add-on Suite, Cisco WebEx On-Premises Suite, among others. 

• Infrastructure: Includes Cisco’s flagship infrastructures and data center technologies delivered through Cisco ONE Software suites: switching, wireless, WAN, data center networks, and cloud data center and computing. 

• Security: Email Security Suite, Web and Cloud Security Suite, Policy and Visibility Suite, and Essential Security Suite. In addition, to provide customers with complete visibility, it includes access to an online portal where they can see the software they have purchased, implemented or awaiting renewal. 

Finally, it is evident that transformation is gaining speed and companies require programs and platforms that provide cost predictability, constant updating with the latest available versions, guaranteed confidence with easy, intuitive, fast and secure management, as well as scalability. According to its growth, elements that the Cisco Enterprise Agreement model has and for which it undoubtedly makes this model the best recommendation to meet the needs of your company. 

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