Towards successful digital transformation

All organizations have digital information and support systems, but even if they have had them for long time, some organizations still have problems in transforming their operations. Telecommunications have gone through a decade of challenges, where industry has been strongly pushed to innovate, and now new challenges such as disruptive competition and agility are expected.

Market trend is offering multiservice bundles where services are customized according to the needs of each company. 74% of companies place disruptive competition among their greatest challenges, and for the 47% of them, lack of organizational agility is one of the greatest challenge.

To truly undergo transformation is not only a matter of having digital information, but also of what has been done or can be done with this data, from taking decisions or promoting processes to offering new services to clients. The great opportunities offered by digitalization have changed the aspirations of many companies, 71% already have as a priority the development of digital business models.

The key to transformation is the analysis that organizations perform on the way they think about their information since any initiative will only succeed if it has a global approach to standardize the way information is managed, used and shared.

Transformation is not only about what happens in the information management industry; IT managers and IT leaders are also transforming the way they think about digital information management in their companies. Telecommunications do not escape from Big Data and virtualization. However, companies choose to invest mainly in network access technologies, support systems and new technologies as follows: 46% virtualization, big data in 43% and cybersecurity in 37%.

Many companies are realizing that storing information digitally does not guarantee the agility and efficiency required to thrive in a constantly changing and complex environment, as our current world is.

Those leaders who think about digital transformation strategy must change themselves quickly to respond to the changing demands of consumers, technology and competition. Some companies in the market do not need to undergo a transformation, since they have been established in the digital age.

While digital transformation is focused on technology, the most important step really involves people, users, executives, IT professionals, etc. Without users adopting digital transformation, it does not matter what is built; which means that it should be made as simple as possible and considered during the process and implementation.

Nowadays world needs more than digitalizing the information; it needs a digitalization of whole processes, also covering the way in which we communicate and the new tools for it. That is why the 3 fundamental ideas for a successful digital transformation are: a clear vision, do it gradually and concentrate on people. At Ikusi we deeply understand companies’ needs to successfully achieve this transformation. We have more than 45 years of experience in the market. We have undergone the same process by which we accompany our clients and we understand that beyond the Experience in Telecommunications Networks and Information Technology, the commitment to excellence, is with people and sustainability. We offer solutions that help to make the world a more connected, sustainable, intelligent and more humane place.

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