Wasp, strategic cybersecurity

One year after the release to the market, threat protect has evolved and now has become a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, under a hybrid model, that provides security from the cloud to the end point, thus covering the most important security vectors represented by the end users, their mails and internet browsing.

wasp” is the commercial name chosen by IKUSI for this new version of the product, which is integrated with Cisco Umbrella, Cisco CES, Cisco AMP and Tenable, thus providing the most extensive threat intelligence network worldwide.

How does wasp work?

  • Manages vulnerabilities appropriately and in a timely manner
  • Identifies the level of exposure of the network
  • Avoids the risks in the handling process of information
  • Protects from advanced malwares
  • Appropriately prioritizes mitigating actions
  • Reduces risk proactively

All the above with the additional benefits represented by the integration to one of the most extensive threat intelligence networks worldwide and the visibility through the service management portal called Ikusi Intelligence.

This new stage gives customers access to innovative services that meet specific cybersecurity needs of each organization, thanks to the modular sales scheme” said Omar Duran, Product Manager.

Which are wasp’s competitive advantages which make such product different?

  • It is a hybrid solution since it can combine protection from the cloud and through people on site.
  • Investments in infrastructure are not required to implement the services.
  • Investments in specialized training on client’s side are not required.
  • Service operation is supported by specialized personnel of the IKUSI’s CSOC.
  • The implementation process of the service is very fast.

wasp is designed for all those organizations that seek to take their business to the digital space, since this trend exposes cybersecurity risks to advanced threats.

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