Work efficiency in the new normality – JobCTRL a tool provided by Ikusi

Teleworking is now part of what we know as the new normality. In fact, it seems that such work model, after having been implemented, “has come to stay”. According to a study on the impact of teleworking during COVID-19 pandemic, made by the Japanese company Fujitsu, nine out of ten people prefer such a work model. Furthermore, several figures demonstrate that this work model increases productivity by up to 30% and benefits employees’ emotional health, as well as employees’ security when making decisions remotely. 

However, although statistics’ results are conclusive in terms of increase in productivity and benefits for employees, in order to truly and effectively implement such a new way of working, it is required to measure the effective working time at different levels: individual, regional and organizational. It is further required to measure the workloads of each employee and the cost-benefit impact, in order to maximize company’s time and resources. 

Likewise, business leaders ensure that in order to make teleworking effective it is required to avoid decrease in productivity. For such a purpose, it is advisable to have the highest possible visibility over all the operations of the work team, regardless of where team members are. Said visibility allows monitoring and analyzing in real time the effective working hours, with the purpose of achieving an increase in productivity and efficiency up to 20 – 25%, which is going to reflect on the entire company, the salary volume, the organization of work and even human policy, even of a profitable operation. 

Any work activity, both inside and outside a company, needs to be scalable and comparable, so that trends like home working represent a safe and reliable method to improve and maintain the continuity of business. We have understood that and understand the need of having tools that allow companies to verify and quantify the efficiency and productivity of their work teams, in order to achieve better control of computer resources and the information and applications remotely managed. 

Another important factor that must be monitored when teleworking is implemented, is employees’ occupational health, since according to rule NOM-035-STPS-2018, the balance between work and personal life must be taken care of by promoting a space that facilitates the identification and analysis of psychosocial risk factors in the companies, and that may lead to take preventive measures and control actions. 

JobCTRL is a tool provided by Ikusi designed to provide companies with a better visibility over work performance, through measurable and reliable data. It makes it easier for leaders to make better decisions in less time. In addition, this tool allows taking accurate steps in the new normality and introducing teleworking in a safe and reliable way in addition to creating more flexible working schedules, more profitable solutions and a balanced environment. 

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