Facing the future, the new work style and relating challenges.

All over the world people’s lifestyle has drastically changed; new habits and trends, which were simply unimaginable at the beginning of the year, have emerged.

Most of consumer-oriented companies are in a difficult and highly uncertain position due to COVID-19. Globally, consumers were already changing their habits in the wake of technological and cultural transformation in course in the society, which was evolving at great speed. However nobody expected that such a process would have accelerated in the way it did due to this pandemic.

Consumer-oriented companies must anticipate the behaviors this pandemic generated, if they want to survive this crisis; they must develop the skills relevant to the needs of the future, and take advantage of opportunities arising from this situation in which we are all involved.

Both organizations and employees will experience a new work style; let’s see what organizations expect.

First of all, they have already realized that the work can be done remotely as long as they have the right, reliable and secure tools and that they should look for contingency plans that allow them to pay for what they use (cloud subscription models). According to PWC, remote working will be permanent for 60% of companies in Mexico. Employee will have new workspaces where they feel comfortable and can be more productive.

But the question is: will organizations be prepared for such a change? will they have the tools to safely and integrally operate in case of another contingency? Considering that  most of companies will not have immediate liquidity and will probably cancel or defer investments, the pay-as-you-go subscription model become relevant and the right option for a company.

Now, that you have defined the above, how do you manage the visibility of the expenses regarding not only communication tools but also the inventory control, invoicing of different service providers and your IT assets? All this can be delivered under the same service and you may avoid an operating overload which generates more expenses.

And finally, it will not be easy to move from a traditional model to a cloud consumption and remote work model and you must identify those gaps for a successful and less disruptive change. All this you can hear in this series of webinars that the Business Development area of ​​Ikusi LATAM provides you in this Post-COVID era.

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