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An innovative barrier-free toll system

25 de January de 2018

Ikusi has been one of the companies selected to deploy an innovative, barrier-free toll system that uses 8 gantries equipped with vehicle registration plate readers to collect the tolls levied on heavy vehicles (trucks) as they make their way along the N1 highway in Gipuzkoa (Spain). The project includes the development and implementation of the central toll collection systems and back office that will be operated by the highway operator. The contract covers deployment as well as operation for a period of 4 years.

This is the first time that a project of this nature has been developed in Spain and at a time like the present one in particular in which reflection is taking place on how to make highway funding sustainable. It is a model that is increasingly opting, as Gipuzkoa has already done, to make the through traffic, which is generating a high cost in terms of road upkeep and maintenance, contribute towards the funding. The model, as in the case of the Ikusi proposal, has the added value of incorporating cutting-edge technological solutions that also prevent queues and allow toll collection to be managed while the traffic passes through freely, thus obviating the need to channel it or set up any barriers.

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