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Aryse adds two new Cisco certifications: Cloud and Managed Services Express y Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization

29 de May de 2020

Since May 12th, Aryse has officially obtained the Express level of the Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program, which has the added value of being a certification with a worldwide scope.

This certification is a seal of quality for Aryse’s managed cloud services market, while the Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program membership provides greater agility and reliability when deploying these services. Furthermore, the fact that it is a Cisco certification at a global level means a qualitative leap for the Aryse brand.

This certification also translates into support for Aryse 360, the comprehensive managed services solution, which Aryse recently launched on the market. This managed services proposal, based on Cisco products, provides a single solution to the connectivity, security and collaboration needs of companies with the advantage of being a managed service in the cloud.

Aryse’s certification as a Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Express reinforces the company’s relationship as a Cisco Premier Certified Partner and joins a number of certifications with which the U.S. multinational has recognized Aryse, including Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization, Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization, Advanced Security Architecture Specialization or Cisco Hyperflex Authorization. These certifications position Aryse as one of Cisco’s reference partners in Spain.

Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization

Also, Cisco has awarded Aryse the Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization certification that endorses Aryse’s training in the sale, design, and implementation of comprehensive solutions in the area of data center, while highlighting its expertise in converged infrastructure, hybrid multi-cloud computing, and application or infrastructure as a service (SaaS / IaaS).

This specialization provides Aryse with training based on three core areas: Unified Fabric to optimize data and storage needs; Unified Computing to streamline data center resources and unite networking, computing, storage and virtualization platforms; and Unified Network Services to advance the way applications delivery and security services are delivered across the data center network or computing environment.

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