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Ikusi buys Aryse, a telecommunications networks and IT infrastructures company

27 de September de 2019

Ikusi, an integration, engineering and technological development company, has purchased Aryse Comunicaciones ( This company, located in Alcalá de Henares, has a staff of 60 people and is dedicated to telecommunications networks and IT infrastructures, and is also a reference partner for Cisco Systems technology in the Spanish market. Last year it invoiced €18 million.

700 people currently work for Ikusi in its offices in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, France, UAE and Australia, and in 2018 it invoiced €160 million.

For Ikusi, this purchase requires reinforcing its position in this area in Europe, as to date this activity was highly developed in the Latin American market, particularly in Mexico and Colombia. Ikusi and Aryse have collaborated on various projects in recent years so their integration will be a natural process.

Among the projects in which the two companies have collaborated, we can highlight the project for the vehicle access control systems to the port of Barcelona, train-to-ground communications for the Irish Rail Intercity Mark IV fleet or the shadow toll for lorries on the N1 in Etzegarate, among others.

For Iñaki Maiz, CEO of Ikusi, the incorporation of Aryse “is undoubtedly excellent news and the integration of a first-rate human and technological team.”

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