Collaboration applications in the cloud

Unified communications are moving to the cloud, supported by advantages such as reduced rollout times, automatic updates and reduction of IT requirements, in addition to providing business continuity.

These solutions, known as cloud calling, reduce capital costs, avoid having to install phone systems, provide faster service deployment, provide access to emerging technologies and save time for any business.

The growing need for collaboration tools by companies is driving the deployment of these solutions in the cloud. In addition, Cloud Calling solutions have incorporated an important layer of security that makes them more attractive for business environments, which need to ensure that their information is not compromised.

Ikusi provides its customers with a complete cloud calling and collaboration solution that reduces operational costs, improves productivity and increases revenue by helping to migrate mission-critical business communications to the cloud.

These systems and solutions provided by Ikusi are backed by the Ikusi ONCE Operations Center, which supports the business so that customers can have peace of mind and availability of the cloud calling service at any time

How will web conferencing applications help you?

  • Alta disponibilidad de las plataformas
  • Asistentes de reunión
  • Grupos de trabajo
  • Chat, archivos y reuniones desde un solo lugar
  • Fácil despliegue de aplicaciones
  • Fácil acceso para invitados

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