Applied technology to transform the Energy business

Promoting energy sector digitizing

Integrating technological solutions enables us to participate in the process of digitizing energy sector companies and promoting the transformation of their business through all the phases of their value chain: generation, transformation and sales.

As part of Velatia – a group with broad experience in the field of power grids – Ikusi provides solutions based on sensors, IoT platforms for massive data capture, analytics, etc., which make it possible to run the new configurations that the value chain of the sector gradually develops.

What can we offer you?

  • We integrate the security solutions of partners who are market references to guarantee the security of critical Infrastructures and the continuity of their activity, as well as to control security in production and logistics operations.

  • We develop specialized business applications in the field of power infrastructure security.

  • We design, implement and supply IT technology and infrastructure, bringing our knowledge and experience into areas such as the power industry.

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Qurayyah Power Plant (Saudi Arabia)

Ikusi, along with the Saudi firm Aces, developed a physical security project at the Qurayyah power plant located in the Persian Gulf. This project, implemented in a high-security environment, includes the installation of systems for access control, perimeter detection, closed circuit television, land as well as sea intrusion measures, and intercoms. 

The contract Ikusi signed for Saudi Arabia is the result of a security upgrade process applicable to several critical infrastructures in the country, which now have to meet stricter mandatory requirements. This upgrade affects all the country’s power plants.