The costs of unified communications

Choosing the right UCaaS provider for your company can help profits to increase by 50% or more, thanks to time and money savings. Investing in UCaas, from an economic point of view, it is highly advisable and profitable for a company.

Michael Goldstein, president at LAN Infotech, said that there are five reasons to invest in cloud-based UCaaS: scalability, reduced Capex, predictable Opex, automatic updates and access to business-level resources.

Cloud-based unified communications may allow reducing costs, eliminating staff requirements as well as maintenance and support to local platforms; that’s what makes them attractive. However, they do not always cause costs reduction and less at the beginning.

According to the 2018 Nemertes Research Group report on the total cost of ownership of UCaaS, the perceived cost savings remain the main reason for moving towards unified communications, in addition to the reduction of operating costs and the change to the tasks of maintenance personnel towards more strategic functions that allow to obtain greater benefits in collaboration.

For companies that have more than 100 employees, the experience at the beginning may be perceived not so profitable since, especially during the first year, operating costs may increase; however this is due to the costs of monthly licenses and staff training, which is carried out during the implementation stage.

UCaaS costs are lower in the initial implementation stage, since license costs are lower and even more if phones are included in the monthly cost of the service, instead of having been previously purchased.

The expected costs during the transition from the local system to a cloud-based model may vary according to the size of the company. Therefore, in the evaluation of the implementation thereof, time must be devoted to establish the desired changes in operating costs, in order to ensure such changes to occur from the beginning of the project, in order to relocate communications in the cloud and thus balance out initial cost by offering improved collaboration and experience for the end user. Ikusi solutions take into consideration the importance of communication, that’s why its purpose is to make communication as efficient as possible among employees, customers and partners, by offering a specialized network collaboration platform, which guarantees the continuity of business of companies.

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