Big Data

Improvement and development of processes and applications based on data

Generating business value

At Ikusi, we have built our digitization value proposition on our capacity for integration, engineering and technological development. Thanks to our experience and the support of an ecosystem of top-level expert partners, we have specific products and services to build end-to-end solutions for our clients. We define and implement applications that allow industrial companies to monitor their production lines, enabling advanced maintenance and improving the productivity and efficiency of their plants.

The value of Ikusi lies in identifying how the foundations of businesses can be transformed so that they generate more value through the application of technology.

Also, Ikusi has engineers specialized in software development to deploy applications for multiple sectors.

The Ikusi teams build solutions following the DevOps strategy (development and operations) that unifies software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops), automating and monitoring all steps of building the software, thus achieving shorter development cycles, higher frequency of implementation and more reliable launches, in close alignment with the client’s business objectives.

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